On December 3, 2020, a funny episode occurred in Ireland. During the wedding ceremony, the young groom saw the passport of his future wife for the first time and made a scene. It turned out that the woman turned 64 this year. Rose was hiding her age for a year, telling Arthur that she was only 29 years old. The woman's face and body really looked very young, and the man didn’t even realize that she was exactly twice older than him.


So thanks to this incident, hundreds of thousands of people learned about the new and most effective skin rejuvenating product created in the Ireland.

Here's what Arthur said about the situation:

You can't imagine how shocked I was when I saw the real age of Rose. After all, she looks 30, no more! I had no idea that she could be much older. We've been dating for a whole year and I was happy and loved her. But when I saw her passport at the wedding, I was so shocked that I started yelling at Rose, and then I just ran away.

For more than a month I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. But then I realized that the age of Rose is just a number in her passport. And if I don’t look at this number, I still love her. She looks just amazing and so much better than many young girls. So why was I so scared then, if nothing changed? So, when my initial shock was gone, I immediately went to Rose, said that I forgive her and proposed to her again. We got married, went on a honeymoon and now we are expecting a baby. We are happy!

Our editorial staff was simply amazed by this situation, and we decided to interview Rose

Reporter: Hello, Rose! Please tell me, why do you look so young and why were you hiding your real age from Arthur?

Hello, would you believe me if I told you I was 64 years old? (laughs). It would look even weirder. After all, I don’t even look 40 due to my face and skin. And I’m not even talking about 64. That is why I promised myself that I would not tell young and handsome Arthur about my age, when I met him. I didn't want to shock him, because we were doing so well.

Reporter: I really find it hard to believe that you're 64. I see a beautiful girl, who looks 35 max. How did this happen? Please tell us more.

You know, 12 years ago, I divorced my ex-husband. I was already 52 and he left for a younger and more beautiful girl. I was in a terrible depression for 2 years after he’d left. The doctors prescribed me antidepressants, but I still couldn't get back to normal.

And then I decided that I would prove to myself that I’m a woman and I can be young and beautiful at any age.

I started spending all my money on various rejuvenating products that were advertised on TV at the time. But not one of them helped me. Then I started to undergo expensive courses of treatment in cosmetic clinics in Ireland. And they didn't help me either. And then I realized that there was nothing better than trying to select the composition of natural ingredients for myself and to understand what worked better or worse. I am a pharmacist with 30 years of experience, so it was not difficult for me to create various formulas from Ireland's herbs and plants and try them on myself.

Reporter: Very interesting, have you really succeeded?

As you can see from my face - yes, I have. (laughs). For more than 3 years, I was trying different formulas on myself, but there was either no result, or it was very insignificant. But I wasn't going to give up and when I turned 57, I finally created something incredible. As usual, I started using my next formula, and 7 days later my friends began to notice that my face was changing. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after 30 days of using my new formula, my friends and family couldn't recognize me!

Just imagine, you come to your hairdresser to get a haircut as usual, and instead of saying hello to you, they push you away with eyes full of fright. It was a very funny story. Only after I showed her my passport, she believed it was me. I still remember her shocked eyes and the phrase: "This can't be real, just a month ago an elderly woman with sad eyes came to me, and now I see a young and beautiful girl with her eyes glowing with happiness. Is this some kind of prank?"

But it wasn't a prank. And that day I realized that I managed to create something incredibly valuable and necessary for people. Back then, I wrote more than a dozen letters to several research centers in Ireland and to Ireland's pharmaceutical companies, but there were some surprises.

Reporter: What surprises?

Absolutely all companies texted me back and offered a very large sum of money for my formula. But I was very surprised when they told me that they were going to sell my product for 20 000 GBP! Then I explained that in my formula, all the ingredients could be obtained from the plants that grow in the Ireland, and therefore, the production according to my formula would be very cheap. They told me that it was no longer my business and they would sell my product for as much as they wanted.

Reporter: And what did you do?

I believe that my product should be available to everyone. Therefore, I refused to sell my formula and decided to go into production myself. I took out a big loan in a bank, we hired the best pharmacists in the country and set up our production. And this allowed us to sell our product not for 20 000 GBP, but for only 118 GBP. It is called - Simpla360 serum. I really hope that such a low price, which we were able to achieve with own production, will make our product available to most citizens of the Ireland and they will be able to experience the same happiness that I’ve once experienced. The happiness of a new life, a new love and the feeling that someone still needs you at 64. Needs you for real.

Reporter: This is estimable! You took a risk when you took out a big loan in the bank. Have you already paid it?

Unfortunately, I’ve not paid the loan yet, and, according to our forecasts, with such a low price of 118 GBP, I will have to pay it for another 4 years. But I am ready to make such sacrifices, I just want to make Simpla360 serum more accessible to our citizens. After all, I am a simple woman like most people who read this article, and I’ve had a lot of bad things in my life. No matter what anyone says, but for any woman appearance is an integral part of her happiness. Therefore, with age, we have to keep our former beauty by all means. And having created such an amazing product, we can finally stop fighting wrinkles and sagging skin, because Simpla360 serum can rejuvenate your skin, making it look 20-30 years in just 30 days. I want to say that now I’m 64 years old and I’m very happy, I have a young and handsome husband, and I’m already 3 months pregnant and expecting a baby. Therefore, I want to wish every woman to never despair and to always fight for her female happiness.

We interviewed a professor of dermatology, a leading specialist of the European Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology Michal McEvoy. Here is what he said about this situation.

The fact that Mrs. Rose would be able to create such a unique rejuvenation formula was almost impossible. In this case, we are talking about precisely selected natural ingredients and their correct ratio. By combining so many natural ingredients, she has created one of the most effective facial and skin rejuvenating products available today, not only in the Ireland but in the whole world.

When we did the research of Simpla360 serum, we really couldn't believe that this was possible. But after conducting the final clinical trials, we were simply shocked by the results! Simpla360 serum really works and can bring youth back to the skin in just 3-4 weeks! And most importantly, it consists of natural ingredients and is absolutely harmless, unlike most products that are sold on the European market. At the moment, Simpla360 serum has all the certificates of conformity and its production is running at full capacity.

The scandalous story of a 32-year-old man running away from his own wedding has spread throughout the Ireland. Many people condemned Arthur. But look how this story ended. He returned to his beloved one, they still got married and now they are happy. And the formula that Rose has created, received thousands of great reviews around the world. The effectiveness of this anti-aging product has broken all records, and at the same time, thanks to its own production, it is several times cheaper than the products of the brands promoted on the market.

But we still understand that even 118 GBP can be quite a big price for some Ireland citizens. That's why we asked Rose to lower the price even more, as far as possible. Despite her bank loan, she agreed.

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